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What is Shake & What Is It Used For?

The world of Cannabis has its own terminology. One term often used by users, not always in the same way, is shake. Shake most commonly refers to the leftover leaves that break away from the larger buds. People may refer to the leftover pieces from a jar or bag as shake. It can also be purchased separately at dispensaries. One reason people sometimes seek it out is that it is generally cheaper than flower. As with any Cannabis products, the quality and effects of shake depend on many factors.

Shake vs Flower

Cannabis ShakeSince shake refers to smaller leaves that come from a larger flower, to ask about its quality is similar to asking about the quality of any strain of Cannabis. It depends entirely on where it comes from. However, the situation is complicated when shake from multiple strains are mixed together by sellers. If you’re buying shake, then, you need to ascertain where it comes from.

Shake vs Trim

Although some sellers attempt to pass of trim as shake, they are not the same thing. Trim is the part of the Cannabis plant that growers cut away before the curing process. Trim is inactive and has no value either for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Is Shake Inferior?

As noted, the main point that determines the quality of shake is the flower from which it comes. However, shake may not be quite as potent as the original flower. Bud normally maintains its chemical consistency over time. When it gets broken up, however, the smaller pieces can dry out and lose their potency. For this reason, the quality of shake can also depend on how long it’s been lying around. One test is to smell it. If it has the aromatic odor of the flower, it’s most likely retained a good portion of its potency. On the other hand, if it’s lost its distinctive aroma, the effects may be similarly weak. You also have to watch for shake that contains lots of stems and trim, which dilutes the potency.

Shake is Cheaper Than Flower

One of the main advantages of shake is that it’s cheaper than flower. If you don’t care about consistency, you can save money by buying shake. As long as you’re buying shake that isn’t too old or dried out and that comes from a quality flower, it can be a good value.

How to Use Shake

There are a few ways you can enjoy using shake.

  • Joints and Pre-rolls—One of the easiest ways to use shake is to roll the pieces into joints for smoking.
  • Blunts — Shake is also convenient to roll into larger joints known as blunts. You can also use a combination of flower and shake for these.
  • Edibles —Shake can also be used in edibles such as brownies, beverages, candy, and anything else.

Know What You’re Getting

To get the best experience from shake, you should be familiar with the flower from which it originates. If shake is taken from different types of flowers, the effects will be unpredictable.

Pros and Cons of Shake

Here’s a summary of the main pros and cons of shake.


  • It’s cheaper than flower, making it ideal if you’re on a tight budget.
  • It’s perfect for edibles or rolling into joints or blunts.


  • May not be as potent as flower.
  • Not ideal if you’re using Cannabis for medical reasons and want to be sure of CBD content.

Shake Can be Part of Your Cannabis Consumption

Shake isn’t really something distinct from other types of Cannabis. It’s similar to leftovers at a meal, where the quality depends on how good the original meal was and how you’re keeping it in the refrigerator. There’s no reason not to use shake if you’re seeking low-cost marijuana that serves a variety of purposes. It’s not ideal if you want to be certain of the quality and potency of the product.

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